Saturday, July 7, 2012

Yea, though I walk through aisle 12...

I am going through this week's grocery list.

Since moving to our rural city, the earnest start of our local farmer's markets and my new determination to make things that, by making them, are suddenly cheaper/healthier/taste better (1), I've developed an entire grocery shopping strategy. There are the things that we get from the big lot store, the Family Dollar, the items that can actually be found at the actual $1 store (2), the farmer's market, the ridiculous cheap wine section at the little grocery store near my folks and, those refrigerated and other staple items that I can still just get at the big grocery chain that is all over this area.

But, as I go through this week's list and I look at those items that, at least as long as the farmer's markets are running, I need from the grocery -- flour, coffee, cheese, peanut butter (3) -- and I find my once solid resolve weakening.

I may have to go to take the Wal of shame.

I have had a long and vocal dislike of Walmart. I have been known to chastise Leopold for shopping there. I have, and still try as hard as I can, to support local businesses...buying books and cards and the occasional bakery item from them, eating out in them when we do eat out and talking them up to all and sundry.

But, the idea of paying half of what I'm paying for a bag of whole wheat flour...that's becoming more and more intriguing.

With any luck, I'll finally get my act together enough to get a website of my own up (4) and I'll make some BIG headway in becoming an advocate for myself. For now though, it might be time to bite the bullet.

It might be that I can no longer just Wal on by.

1. A few kinds of bread, veggie burgers and, the newest excitement, homemade ketchup...which might be more expensive by the ounce to make but is really pretty awesome.
2. This sounds ridiculous, but I have to tell you,  the $1 store's Busy Baker whole wheat crackers are actually better than name brand. 
3. Perhaps's summer after all.
4. Since vowing to get my own freelance site up and running I've done two that are not for me and am dying to do an intervention on a couple others...because I'm like that.