Saturday, June 16, 2012

Letter to the Editor

Today, my sister gave me a heads up that I might be getting a call or letter from my nephew, The Boy Wonder, outlining the errors he believes he's found in the 500-odd page Avengers comic compilation I gave him as a gift. He believes he should let someone know about what he's found.

To some, this would be a funny aside, the kind of thing to make you laugh and move along.

To others...say, folks who spend every day standardizing the use of italics and checking the number of spaces after periods and tracking down the sources for figures on the economic impacts of air pollution caused by coal-fired power generation in the country of China from the mid-1990s to today...this is the kind of information that, I imagine, causes the same rush that other uncles would feel when hearing about a fondness for baseball statistics or sports cars. 

The Boy Wonder is copyediting his comic books.


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