Tuesday, April 12, 2011

A fool and his 1099-misc.

So, remember the part where a certain collection of someones said that we had nothing to fear from the changes that were being made to our taxes? That only those in a certain income bracket far from my own were going to be seeing changes?

Well folks, I've seen some changes.

I've just finished my taxes thanks to an extended battle with the folks at the Daily Bugle who seemed to think that my 1099-misc was not really something that I would need.

And so, because I'm way too honest to ever get ahead, I did my taxes with the same fearful honesty that I have done every year. Last year, when the whole vexing trial was through, I turned to Leopold and said, "I don't know what's going on, but I barely made it without owing anything."

This year I turned to Leopold and said, "I didn't make it."

This is both frustrating and disheartening...particularly as I sit trying to get myself organized to deal with the continuous juggling of day job and freelance work.

Ah-ha! You're saying...it's all that freelance work!

But no. Not really. When all is said and done the money that I've actually gotten from the Bugle is not enough to send me to summer camp. Well, unless I find a summer camp willing to accept the monstrous invoice the Bugle has run up.

Don't get me wrong. I'm ready to pay my fair share, but something seems out of whack here. See, as fun as some of what I get to do when I'm not working for BIG can be, I sit in front of this laptop for all the hours that I do so I can try to put a little aside. To keep the credit card clean and a little money in the bank and, as far off as that time seems, to maybe one day experience what it's like to have a retirement fund. Instead, I find myself coming up with a chunk of money so that I can pay more - ironically on a year where I lived somewhere where I lacked the "representation" portion of "no taxation" - to the government while corporations like GE spent the evening watching back episodes of Glee on Netflix.

Thanks a lot taxman.

Coo coo ca choo.