Sunday, January 2, 2011

Change is afoot!

Things never seem to quite go the way that you expect them to go and it's looking like 2011 is going to hold true to that bit of wisdom.

For now though, the big change that is afoot must remain something of a mystery. Which is wearing really, really thin for Leopold and I.

What's been most interesting, however, has been the direction folks have expected our news to take. In those instances where we have had to divulge (1) the most immediate response has been, "Oh. I thought you all were going to have a baby."

Because that's what couples announce, right? Babies.

Well, it's not a baby. It is not even baby adjacent.

But lugging this secret around? It is starting to make my back ache.

My feet are kind of swollen too, but I think that's something different.

1. Along with a secrecy pledge that would have made the Kremlin proud.