Monday, January 18, 2010

Going Lightly.

Last night Leopold and I were at Busboys & Poets.

If you live in the D.C. area and you've managed to not go to a Busboys & Poets, go. Please. You'll love it.

Great bars. Great food. Good staff. Happy patrons.

And books.

I like to think of it as a more active and refreshingly non-dysfunctional Louie's...which was a bookstore/bar/restaurant in Baltimore that I loved despite the fact that the staff didn't really want to work there, the service was slow enough to make you wonder whether you had actually ordered at all and the food made you realize why they also sold books and magazines.

Despite all that, it was fantastic and Leopold and I both let out a sad little sigh when it finally closed down.

But now we have Busboys.

Having drinks at the bar I happened to look up and saw a prominently displayed copy of Past Due looking back at me.

This immediately set a mini-train of thought rolling in my head because one of my goals for this year is to pay down my credit card. But what I thought was not the need to establish some kind of new system of budgets and financial planning. What I thought of was the line from the film Breakfast at Tiffany's where Holly Golightly thinks aloud about the fact that, no matter how hard she tries, there never seems to be more than a few dollars in her bank account (1).

It was only later that I realized that title of the book on display directly above.

Nine Lives...which is, of course, the fictional collection of stories that writer Paul Varjak wrote in Breakfast at Tiffany's.

Doo doo doo doo doo doo doo doo...(2)

1. Yes. This is how my mind works.
2. That's my attempt at transcribing The Twilight Zone theme.

Goodbye, and thanks for the provolone.

One of the things that I've tried to be better about is e-mail.

Leopold and I got Blackberries when he was headed out on an overseas trip and we wanted to be able to avoid the atom bomb of a bill we got after his last trip to Europe.

Heck, we wanted to avoid the nightmare bill we got after I was in Canada for a few days.

I never really understood the "the world is too much with us" pathology until I got a Blackberry and hooked it up to my work e-mail. If it buzzed I opened it. If it didn't buzz I opened it. If I had it off at a show I spent some period of time wondering if it was buzzing but I didn't know it was buzzing because it was off.

Now that I'm at BIG I actually don't have my work e-mail forwarded yet. When I sit down to work by remote I check it to make sure there have been no big BIG emergencies but that's about it. I check my school mail. I check my personal e-mail.

Done and done.

Except for a morning like this morning when I opened an email from the Freelancer that started, "Don't read this unless you want to be really grouchy for the next few hours."

Of course I read it.

Of course it made me grouchy.

Of course I'm now festering about it while trying to do work for BIG and stay on deadline for an article that's due.

But there's been an unexpected side effect. See, when I left my last job it bothered a number of people who I thought were my friends. Or, put less dramatically and in a fashion that doesn't make me seem completely whiney and paranoid, there were people whose reactions were about how my leaving would effect them and that was how things were left.

Or, that's how it felt things were left...since we've not spoken since.

The greats were the greatest and I hope that they know exactly who they are. At least two of this blog's three readers (1) were the kind of amazing cheerleaders you want on your side. And both cheered loudly even as they were shoveling water back into their own oceans and I love them particularly for that.

In fact, I owe them both a deli platter.

Sitting here I'm also realizing that there are some folks that I genuinely miss hearing from and so, since I'm not really one for the whole resolution thing, I'm going to put this on the list of things I'd like to devote some time to doing.

Just sending a simple hello.

If I hear back, great.

If I don't...well...I'll save a bunch on deli platters.

1. Who I met through that job...that's kind of what I'm working out here...just to be clear. There were lots and lots of cheerleaders out there in the world for me. This is a subset psychosis that I'm toying with.