Friday, December 18, 2009

Bathroom Humor.

So...last night I went to review a show.

I can't tell you what I thought of the show but I can share a handy tip.

If you're ever cast in a show have someone else do a quick read of your bio before you start passing it around.

And why is that?

Because sometimes shows have funny names and sometimes the winds of chance blow you hither and yon, sometimes in paths that surprise and astound.

And it may be that, while all of the parts were fantastic and notable, you might want to make certain some shows don't get listed back to back.

You know, so your credit listing doesn't include a string like this: Urinetown, Sweet Smell of Success...

But maybe that's just me.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

The Friendly Beasts

Running between three jobs (1) is starting to wear me out a bit (2).

As a result mornings in our house have been a bit more haphazard than usual and Finklestein's walks have not quite been the clockwork operation they were once. This means that we've been meeting new dogs and walkers on a pretty regular basis.

Here's the thing - yesterday we met a woman walking her ridgeback and there were smiles and hellos and oh-so-cutes passed around.

Today I ran into the same woman and her dog on my way to the bus (3).

I said hello and received an annoyed "why are you talking to me" glare before Miss Ridgeback brushed right past me without so much as a how do you do.

Maybe there are no bad dogs...but there are certainly bad manners.

1. Okay, two jobs and some Wednesday, Thursday evenings and Sunday matinees.
2. But break is on the way...break is a crucial in a city where snow days are not really spoken.
3. I was, of course, dogless. I've not gotten that seeing eye dog outfit together for Finklestein.

Monday, December 14, 2009

Cry me a river.

While debating whether or not to try and get a blog post in tonight before packing up the computer Leopold's iPod shuffled up one of my favorite Christmas songs.

Run, Run Rudolph...which I think might actually be inexplicably titled Run, Rudolph, Run.

The version on his iPod is Bruce Springsteen's but I actually fell in love with the song back in the days when Ally McBeal was not-so-gently telling us all that a little mental illness is not a bad thing.

Jane Krakowski, who played Ally's secretary Elaine Vassal, sang it on one of the Christmas party episodes and it's been a favorite ever since.

Other songs that hit the spot this time of the year?

Santa Baby.

And, because there's nothing like a good cry at the holidays, Joni Mitchell's River...and pretty much Shawn Colvin's entire Holiday Songs & Lullabies album.

Oh, especially Colvin's In the Bleak Midwinter.

Mental illness. Uncontrollable sobbing.

I love the holidays.