Thursday, December 10, 2009

Kamikaze poets.

Just when you think you've heard just about everything.


You realize you haven't.

Never turn your back on a poet.

Them and their freewheeling approach to line breaks and punctuation and just can't trust 'em.

And if you clicked on the link above, here's what happened next.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

More empty shelves.

Lambda Rising will be closing its doors early next year.

Deacon Maccubbin's shop, which opened in 1974, will no longer be a landmark anchoring Dupont Circle's now very chain-heavy shopping area. It goes without saying that this is sad.

Sad that D.C. will be losing another independent bookstore. Sad that the store in Baltimore will join the Rehoboth Beach shop in the great bookstore beyond.

But this is an announcement that feels different to me.

Maybe it's just wishful thinking...maybe it's memories of fantastic little bookshops in Canada and on side streets in English towns...but I don't think that the day of the independent gay bookstore is over here in our fair city.

It just feels like something is going to happen (1).

1. I know. It IS a song cue.