Saturday, November 28, 2009

In The Dog House (in a good way)

So if you happen to be in the Bay Area and you have the hankerin' (1) for a little music, a little lit and a little retro-barber vibe could I suggest kicking the holiday season off with a trip to Joe's Barbershop for the latest installment of the Barbershop Reading Series?

Here's the disclaimer.

I've never actually been to one of these readings.

I don't know Joe and have never been to his barbershop.

I won't be there on December 5th because I'll be, well, on the other side of the country.

I don't even know Michael McAllister (2) except through his Dogpoet blog which I happen to like quite a bit.

But this is another one of those times where I have to tip my hat to someone who came up with a great idea and made it happen...and happen well enough that the Examiner wrote about it.

How's this for good press: "For only $5 at the door, this event, which included endless amounts of wine, cupcakes, and beer, was a bargain so outrageous that when it ended we milled about and congratulated ourselves for having been witness to it."

And, to get down to the brass tacks of the business, here's the other thing that I love about what Michael has done.

When it gets right down to it, when I think about getting my writing out into the world I'm not the writer that dreams about holding a hardcover book in my hand (3). I always imagine the readings. That's when I think it all really comes together. Getting to actually see that connection being made with other people. People who maybe recognize themselves of their uncle or a world bigger than the world they know.

That's why I love writing.

Unfortunately, the reading circuit for unpublished fiction writers is...well...largely nonexistent.

Poets, yes. Storytellers, sure.

Even the performance artists have a room of their own.

But fiction writers, not so much.

So big ups for this idea and this event.

'Cause how cool would it be to sit in one of the barber chairs (3)?

1. Yep, that's right. I just used the word "hankerin'."
2. To the point that I'm desperately trying to be sure I've not spelled his name wrong here on my blog.
3. Though I do think a lot about the cover design.
4. In case you were wondering, Jim Provenzano is going to be one of the readers...hence this post's book cover selection. He also wrote the novels Cyclizen and Monkey Suits...but I really dig this cover.

Radio Silence


It's like I just decided to thumb my nose at Nablueblahbooberry.

For the record, I didn't. I've just been doing my very best to get a handle on everything that I'm juggling right now.

The remarkable thing?

How much more work it's possible to get done when one doesn't have to actually go to work.

And while we're on the subject of work, a big blog shot out to Leopold who - while I was downing several pots of tea and staring at my laptop screen - cleaned our house like nobody's business.

Not to brag on him or anything...but there was actual furniture polish involved. Cleaning products were emptied and needed to be restocked.

There's a tablecloth in the dining room.

There are plants in the living room. Plants that are meant to be there...not the odd bits of leaf and flora that have been being tracked in by Finkelstein during our 40 days of rain and muck.

It's pretty fantastic.

Another thing that is pretty fantastic that is coming up for you folks on the left coast is another edition of the Barbershop Reading Series.

In fact, both of these items are so fantastic that we're going to go a little nuts.

We're going to give them both their own posts and end this most recent period of radio silence.